Weekly Pool Service

All chemicals included. We will check your water chemistry and adjust as needed. Net pool of any debris, brush all steps and raised flat surfaces, empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets, and cleaner bag, back wash filter as needed, vacuum pool and brush sides when necessary. We will also visually inspect pool equipment for proper operation.

Filter Servicing

We recommend that you have your filter serviced twice a year. We will disassemble your pool filter, clean all filter elements, inspect assembly, make any needed repairs and reassemble the filter.


Deck O-Seal, Deck Painting, Tile Clean(Soda Blaster With Epson Salt), just call us for Free Estimate.

Drain and Clean, Acid Washing

If your pool has some tough stains on its plaster, acid washing may be the way to go. It requires a complete pool draining and a mixture of chemicals to be sprayed on the plaster and then cleaned accordingly.